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Marriage Counseling

Marriage has a lot of potential to be the best relationship anyone could experience.  The marriage relationship provides a dynamic where the individuals involved will experience incredible joy and terrific pain.  I have had the privilege of sitting with folks from all walks and seasons of their marriage journey. Pre-marital counseling is exciting and I love helping folks figure out more clearly how they fit as a couple.  A typical couple comes to me and says "we need to learn how to communicate better." That's a great first recognition. I often help couples learn how communication became such a difficult thing between them. Other couples come because they struggle to find any way their relationship can move forward and they're concerned the marriage will end.  Still some couples come because they want a way to peaceably end their relationship. Wherever you and your spouse are in your marriage journey; please know that your relationship matters. Please know that your marriage is worth fighting for and I will work alongside you for it. Please know that there IS hope for things being better than what you are experiencing right now.  I have been privileged to sit with and help many relationship become stronger and healthier. If you want to begin the conversation towards this work; please contact me by phone or email to set up an appointment.

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