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Christ Centered Counseling

A question I get consistently asked is why I don't call myself a "Christian Counselor."  I am a person who has professed Jesus the Messiah as my Lord and Savior. I also have the distinct privilege of fulfilling my calling as a counselor.  This means I get to have and hold the faith that is of utmost importance to me. This means the work and life of Christ has a deep impact on my personal and even professional life.  This does not mean I have any intention of making you believe what I believe. My hope is to share kindness and compassion on any issue you bring to me. I am honored any time someone sits with me and shares their story of pain.  I am humbled when someone asks me, of all people, "Now what do I do with my life?" If the word Christ instantly turns you off from seeking my services; then I truly wish you well and hope you find the help you are seeking. If you believe Christ-centered counseling is something that would be helpful to you; feel free to call or email me.

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