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To be perfectly clear I am not an addiction specialist.  However, I have seen success in working with people who have struggled with a wide variety of addictions.  One of the reasons I am able to do this is found in my overall view of how people get better. The short answer is freedom.  The longer answer follows. You and I are not meant to be bound. Yet we often find ourselves doing, thinking, and saying things that contradict this and find that we have found ourselves in binds.  We are meant for freedom. We are meant to live life in a way that allows us to know and be known. This is scary. So addiction, and its many forms, pushes us away from accomplishing the very thing that we are seeking through that addiction.  My hope in sitting with you is to help you live more freely. Please know that no one addiction makes you worse than anyone else. Please know that you are worth experiencing the freedom I'm promoting. Please reach out by contacting me by phone or email.

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